Tuinrangers Garden Biodiversity Challenge

By Christine Lycklama
April 20, 2022
Tuinrangers Garden Biodiversity Challenge

Welcome! Together, we will create a challenge that helps participants introduce more biodiversity into their gardens. On this page, you will learn more about the Scone App and the Scone challenges. You will also find more information on how we will create the garden biodiversity challenge together.

What is the Scone App?

A guide and travel companion on the road to zero emissions!

Scone takes users on a journey to zero emissions in an easy, affordable and comfortable way. The app tracks a user’s footprint through machine learning and offers tailor-made tips. Step by step through small actions, users work towards lowering their footprints.

Download the app on Android and iOS

What is a Scone challenge?

During a Scone challenge, participants team up to perform personalised actions that help them reduce their footprints. By completing actions, participants collect points to move up the leaderboard. Through competition, accountability and inspiration the journey to zero emissions suddenly becomes a lot clearer.

Challenge Actions Challenge Feed Leaderboard view

What content is needed for a challenge?

1. Warmup period content: during the warmup period, participants receive information and inspiration in the form of messages on the challenge feed, blogs and emails. This period also allows us to get to know the participants and establish a footprint baseline.

2. Actions: during the challenge, participants can choose to commit to a series of actions. These actions help participants learn tangible deeds that help them save CO₂ and money over time. Each action is ranked with points from 1 to 5, based on how much the action can reduce a user’s footprint.

3. In-line messages: when participants sign up for a challenge, they will start recieveing relevant messages on the challenge feed.

4. Blogs: during the warmup and the challenge, we share a series of informational and inspirational blogs within the challenge theme. These blogs are linked in a message on the challenge feed.

5. Stories: We share informational or commercial stories. Short to the point snippets of information to help users along their zero-emissions journey.

Click here to download an example of what content was created for the Drive Less Challenge.

How will we create our challenge?

We will create our challenge during two workshops. The first one is to define what the main goal is for the challenge and what actions participants can do to achieve that goal. During the second workshop we setup and finalize the challenge.

See the timeline below for more details:

Tuinrangers agenda In preparation for the first workshop, we ask Tuinrangers to create 10 actions that would allow participants to increase biodiversity in their garden. For example: “I will plant 1 native plant in my garden this week.” Or: “I will replace 2 square meters from my grass lawn with wildflowers.”

Rank each action with points from 1 to 5 based on how much the action can increase biodiversity in a garden. For example, planting a native plant would earn a participant 1 point. Replacing the lawn with wildflowers would be 3 points: replacing the lawn with wildflowers would increase the garden’s biodiversity more than planting one native plant.

During our first workshop, we will work on filling out the form below together. Do have a look to get an idea of what will be needed.

Click here to download the form we will complete together during the workshops.

Let us know if there are any questions and see you on the 2nd of May!


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Christine Lycklama

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What is a Scone challenge?
What content is needed for a challenge?
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