Meet the Scone Team

As the first generation to experience the impacts of climate change, we have a collective opportunity to transition to a more sustainable way of life. We are committed to continuous learning and uniting efforts for a green, safe and affordable future.

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Our mission

We are facilitating the transition to a sustainable society.

Our vision

A sustainable society with 
quality of life for all.

Scientific foundation

Scone is deeply rooted in science, and data underpins everything we do. We collaborate with prestigious research institutions and universities to find the best solutions to fight climate change. We work closely with iMEC, University of Groningen, Tilburg, Vlerick School, University of Ghent and others to underpin our scientific foundation.

Meet the team

We’re an experienced, dedicated and joyful team with the same goal - to make an impact every step of the way.

Profile image of Jan-Willem Rombouts

Jan-Willem Rombouts

Founder and CEO

Jan-Willem is passionate about creating a more sustainable world for everyone. He founded his first successful CleanTech company 10 years ago and is as passionate about creating climate breakthroughs now as he was then.

Profile image of Erwin van Laethem

Erwin Van Laethem

Erwin believes in the power of collective human - and machine intelligence to address the climate challenges our world faces. He aspires to connect and mobilise people, cities and companies on their #PathToZero.

Profile image of Bertrand Fontaine

Bertrand Fontaine

Bertrand blends his background in science, technology, and product innovation to forge impactful solutions. With a rich academic history in machine learning, signal processing, and neuroscience, and an industry career in engineering and behavioural modeling, he shapes the Scone tech vision.

Profile image of Raphael Heber

Raphael Heber

Raphael combines his expertise in product leadership with a dedication to tech-enhanced wellness and eco-conscious innovations, crafting transformative user experiences that encourage behavioral shifts towards healthier, more sustainable lifestyles.

Profile image of Bianca Amorim

Bianca Amorim
‍‍Product Marketing Manager

Bianca combines diverse communications expertise with a deep belief in the power of technology, aiming to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Profile image of Marc Delghust

Marc Delghust
Head of Building Energy and Renovation

Marc is passionate about bringing academia, companies and authorities together to tackle the sustainability challenges of our homes.

Profile image of Rufus Hamade

Rufus Hamade
Solutions Architect

Rufus has been programming computers since they were 8-bit machines that went beep if you were lucky.

Profile image of Ivor Kusters

Ivor Kusters
Head of Partnerships and Business Development

Ivor brings dedication to anything he does. With his experience in proposition development in the telco and energy sector, he forages strategic partnerships to drive sustainable growth and profitability.

Profile image of Christine Lycklama

Christine Lycklama
Content Manager

Christine is on a mission: save the world’s ecosystems. She does this by writing stories that inspire optimism and action.

Profile image of Islam Madeniyat

Islam Madeniyat
Senior Android Developer

Islam Madeniyat is an experienced Android Developer who creates aesthetically pleasing and purposeful applications for various industries.

Profile image of Jovan Milenkovic

Jovan Milenkovic
Senior iOS Developer

With over six years of experience as an iOS developer, Jovan is an inspiration in his dedication to solving complex problems in the tech industry.

Profile image of Chidinma Opara

Chidinma Opara
Customer Success Specialist

Chidinma prioritizes providing excellent customer experience, driving mutual value and successful collaborations. She activates and engages our customers and platform users, aiming to inspire climate love and action.

Profile image of Tim Rombauts

Tim Rombauts
Senior Software Engineer

Tim is passionate about all things software, most specifically resilient and scalable backend systems

Profile image of Johannes Schott

Johannes Schott
‍‍Senior Product Designer

Johannes is driven by tackling the world's biggest challenge by means of design thinking and doing. He’s an expert in behavioral theory and gamification, creating engaging experiences that leverage transformation.

Profile image of Ulf Seißenschmidt

Ulf Seißenschmidt
Lead Service Designer

Ulf is committed to designing for social impact that aims for intergenerational equity and democracy.

Profile image of Thijs van Twisk

Thijs van Twisk

Product Success Manager

Thijs loves creating win-win situations connecting partners, customers and users of the Scone platform to make a positive impact on the planet through sustainable initiatives.

Profile image of Yolande Uylen

Yolande Uylen


Yolande co-creates sustainable partnerships & ecosystems by respectfully challenging & connecting.

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