Scone Platform Terms And Conditions

Scone will help you with your Path to Zero. To this end, we measure and analyze a number of important parameters, and calculate their impact on the basis of recent public and scientific data. But Scone can't measure all parameters, and the science isn't always straightforward. Path to Zero is therefore a configuration, not a guarantee. Scone also gives you tips, but the action itself is still with you. You therefore understand that Scone is not responsible if your actual CO2 reduction does not correspond to your expectations.

One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to purchase carbon credits (“CO2 compensation”) through Scone. You decide for which amount you want to purchase carbon credits. That is an amount per month, every month we charge you the same amount. We do this automatically and indefinitely.

But the volume of carbon credits corresponding to that amount can vary. As with stocks, the carbon credit market fluctuates continuously. Changes are not made every month, we try to minimize those fluctuations as much as possible. However, you accept that we cannot always provide you with the same amount of carbon credits for the amount you have chosen. We will of course inform you clearly before we change the volume corresponding to your monthly purchase amount. If you find the volume insufficient, you can always increase it (you can also decrease it) by adjusting your monthly purchase amount.

You can always stop buying carbon credits. Path to Zero is a configuration, not an obligation. You don't have to give a reason either. But stopping of course only works for the future, what has already been charged remains charged.

In addition to carbon credits, you can also purchase products and services to reduce your carbon footprint. Scone proposes the solution, but the product or service is sold and delivered by our partners. In case of a problem with the product or the complaint, you must therefore direct your complaint to the partner yourself.

If you nevertheless suffer damage due to a mistake by Scone, we will compensate you for this. This compensation will never exceed EUR 200. In addition, your indirect damage will not be reimbursed. We therefore do not intervene for loss of income, reputation and data, economic damage and the additional cost of obtaining an alternative.

How we handle your personal data and IT security is described in our privacy and security policy.

All intellectual rights in Scone always remain our property, also for, e.g., adjustments that have been made to your feedback. The fact that you are allowed to use Scone does not mean, for example, that you can copy or adapt functions, content or code for another app.

Scone is used as described in the instructions we provide. What is not described in those instructions is not allowed.

We have mastered estimating the CO2 footprint of private individuals. We have translated that knowledge into the general principles that are applied in Scone. But companies need a more specific approach. You then use Scone to calculate your footprint as a private individual.

If you do not comply with these terms of use or otherwise cause damage to the app or third parties, we may delete your Scone account.

We regularly update Scone to give you even more functionality and a better experience. You understand that we also need to change these terms from time to time to ensure that they are always aligned with what Scone stands for at that time. If this happens, we will first inform you clearly about the changes. If those changes are substantial, you can expressly indicate that you do not accept them, then our relationship will end. But if you do not do this soon after you have been informed, they will automatically apply.

If you have a complaint about Scone, please send a message to We will then work with you to see if we can solve the problem. If we cannot find a solution, you submit your complaint to the competent court in Antwerp. It will apply Belgian law.

If the competent court is of the opinion that part of these terms of use would be invalid, this will not affect the other parts.