Become a Climate Supporter today: these are the benefits for your organisation

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Our climate needs you: become a Climate Supporter

As an organisation, you can host or participate in events and activities that are organised to make people aware of the urgency of climate change and inspire them to make sustainable choices in their daily lives. And that goes beyond using green energy; for example, energy advice where a team, an energy coach, and a handyman come to implement energy-saving measures in households or a free consultation on heat pumps.

Climate action is essential for organisations, businesses, and other partners committed to increasing climate awareness and sustainability. Your organisation can also participate in taking climate action as a Climate Supporter. Showcase your organisation as a Climate Supporter and use your story to inspire others.

What is a Climate Supporter?

As a Climate Supporter, you join forces with other organisations to make an impact on the sustainability of your community. In the Netherlands, for example, you take responsibility as a social organisation to show what the Netherlands gains from you as a Climate Supporter. You join the Dutch government to raise awareness about climate change and sustainability during their annual Climate Week. Your organisation is also featured on the Dutch government’s website.

Which organisations are already Climate Supporter?

There are quite a few, including:

Triodos Bank

The Triodos office is super sustainable: the building, the furniture and the catering.


Rabobank organises the Energy Challenge that helps participants learn all about insulating their homes.

De Hypotheekshop

De Hypotheekshop provides products and services that offer sustainable support in terms of energy savings and home insulation.

What can your organisation do as a Climate Supporter?

Engage in dialogue and create more impact together

1. Collaborate with the region

Invite regional politicians for a tour highlighting your climate-conscious innovations. Such conversations can serve as a platform for dialogue and collaboration between local leaders and politicians, contributing to shared goals for a more sustainable future.

2. Share your climate story

Organise a webinar to share your climate story. Use the experience your organisation has gained in sustainable innovation and share tips and success stories with your audience.

What are your benefits as a Climate Supporter?
1. Influence employee satisfaction and productivity

Becoming a Climate Supporter will motivate your organisation to become more sustainable by increasing awareness, inspiring, and encouraging collaboration. This will lead to more engagement in sustainability initiatives, resulting in higher employee satisfaction, a higher productivity score, and a positive impact on the climate and your organisation.

2. Become more visible as an organisation

If your organisation is recognised by the government for its involvement in climate action, like in the Netherlands, being present on the government’s website can increase your brand visibility and recognition. This, in turn, helps to gain and retain the trust of existing and potential customers.

3. Attract top talent

As a Climate Supporter, your organisation has significantly better chances of attracting top talent, as top talent is eager to contribute to a green future. Being a Climate Supporter will also positively influence employee retention: top employees will appreciate your organisation’s sustainability initiatives.

4. Win customer loyalty

As a Climate Supporter, you gain the loyalty of customers who are environmentally and sustainability-conscious. These customers prefer an organisation committed to the environment and making a real impact. Consequently, they are more likely to purchase your products or services and remain loyal, as they are fans of your sustainability mission.

5. Share your story with a broad audience

If your government takes action on climate change and recognises organisations that do too, they may showcase your story and approach on their website or social media channels.

6. Ride the success of the government’s climate events

Use the media attention around your government’s sustainability events to share your climate story with the press. Highlight your sustainability experts or projects in interviews or articles. This way, you inspire others and get attention for your organisation.

7. Build more trust

As a Climate Supporter, you build trust with partners. Your support for the climate demonstrates ambition for sustainable and responsible business practices, increasing partners’ trust.

Measurable benefits of becoming a Climate Supporter: Becoming a Climate Supporter aligns your organisation with your climate goals. Some measurable benefits of being a Climate Supporter include:

  • Reduced emissions and lower costs;
  • Increased employee satisfaction;
  • Access to new market opportunities.

In short, as a Climate Supporter, engaging with your government or community’s climate actions contributes to sustainability and resilience in an increasingly climate-conscious world.

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