Dreaming of a green Christmas? Here’s how to make it come true

By Marie Borremans
December 14, 2021
Dreaming of a green Christmas? Here’s how to make it come true

December is gift-giving time and for many people that comes with choice overload and decision stress. How do you find the perfect gift and what do you really want to give someone? The answer is often not something material, but time together, peace and quiet or personal care.

On top of that, buying new stuff makes up a large part of our ecological footprint. Would you like to show how much you care about someone without putting a strain on the planet? Our gift guide will get you started.

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Give a piece of yourself

Lots of chances that your favorites can also please your loved ones. Give them your favorite book (it can be a preloved copy) and add a personal note or post-its to the paragraphs that stood out to you. Add a piece of chocolate to make your loved ones celebrate Christmas the Icelandic way.

Another gift that always works: buy the ingredients for your favorite dish, put them in a basket and write the recipe on a card. It’s great not to have to think about what to cook on a busy day, but to have everything you need for a tasty meal.


Give a repair

Many things - no matter how beloved they are - break down one day. Think about that one perfect pair of jeans whose zipper no longer works or the cabinet you inherited from your grandmother but could still use a lick of paint. Gift someone the helpful hands of a handyman or seamstress to give their favorite things a new life.

Another wonderful idea: the Japanese art of Kintsugi uses gold paste to restore broken plates, cups or vases.


Explore new horizons

Discover a new way of travelling - without the heavy carbon footprint. With a train travel voucher, you can give someone true memories for life. Perfect for anyone longing to travel again!

Do you know how it feels to have found the perfect spot for a weekend getaway? Share that special place with your loved ones. From camping to spending the night in a treehouse or tiny house, an Airbnb gift card with a personal tip will make for a memorable weekend.


Learn something new

Give a good story - or lots of them. Storytel gives your loved one access to thousands of audiobooks in the language of their choice. The library is huge and contains everything from breathtaking novels to weighty biographies.

The best gift? Allowing someone to discover a new part of themselves. Skillshare offers thousands of inspiring online classes, from portrait illustration to playing chess. With a subscription, your loved one can pick and choose the activities they want to explore.





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