Calculate your carbon footprint

Take a quick quiz about your home, lifestyle, and mobility to discover your carbon footprint in relation to your country and the rest of the world. Once you know your starting point you can set a carbon footprint goal on the horizon.

Get energy insights and set budgets

Discover your energy use and spending for your home and car. Scone will show you how to reduce your emissions and energy bills! Set budgets and receive alerts if the app detects you might go over those budgets.

Reduce your emissions through carbon footprint challenges

Learn sustainable habits and lower your carbon footprint and energy bills through engaging, educational and positive challenges. Through the power of competition and accountability, the Scone platform helps you take concrete action.

Join communities and become inspired by each other’s journeys

Be part of an inspiring, helpful and positive community with people from around the world. Your feed will be full of great content to support you on your path to becoming CO₂ neutral. It’s your sustainability social media!

Leaderboards and rewards

See your progress and how you are doing compared to other users. A little friendly competition is always a great motivator to take action. Ready, set, go!

Take big steps on your organisation’s path to becoming CO₂ neutral
Book a demo and learn how Scone supports organisations as their climate partner