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We partner with banks, insurance companies, cities and other organisations to address the challenges related to engagement, climate targets and regulations.

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with Scone

Our platform facilitates the engagement of citizens, employees, and customers who are vital in impacting climate action and achieving sustainability goals.

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Scone for banks and insurance companies

  • Boost climate engagement
  • Measure and report Scope 3 emissions
  • Gain insights into EPC’s
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Scone for organisations

  • Activate and engage employees and customers
  • Measure and report Scope 3 emissions
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Scone for cities

  • Connect your city with citizens and businesses
  • Reduce emissions through gamified challenges

Our trusted partners

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From dreams to action

Scone is facilitating the transition to a sustainable society with quality of life for all. We believe in gamification, AI and behavioural science to bring everyone together to take real climate action now.

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