Privacy Policy

Privacy matters. You trust us with the data that Scone collects about you and we want to build on that trust. Processing and securing personal data correctly is therefore the starting point for the (further) development of Scone. Transparent communication is part of this. That is why we want to give you more information about what Scone does with your personal data.

What personal data does Scone collect? In short, identification data and data about your CO2 emissions. By identification data we mean your name, email address, password and address. Data about your C02 emissions are, on the one hand, all the answers we collect via the CO2 calculator (the questionnaire that you complete) and, on the other hand, all data that we measure via the dynamic calculator (where we collect data in the background and ask questions by means of 'nudges').

In order to estimate your CO2 footprint, we always track your location, even when the app is not in use. We use this location data to determine your mode of transport and lifestyle, and from this we estimate your carbon footprint and possible actions to reduce it. If we don't have this data, the app will still work, but the estimation will have poor accuracy.

So with Scone you build your CO2 profile. We use that CO2 profile:

  • to make it clear to you how much CO2 you emit and in what way, because reducing your CO2 emissions starts with understanding your behavior so that you can adjust it;
  • to present you relevant products and services from Scone partners, because with innovative technology you can go one step further in your path to zero;
  • to keep you informed of news and events about climate, energy and mobility;
  • for analysis, including to understand how our users emit CO2 and which are the most popular reduction measures

You use Scone to gain insight into your CO2 emissions and to obtain information about innovative technologies, news and events. The first 3 goals are our services to you. The 4th goal - to analyze the data of all our users - is important for Scone and the climate in general. That way we can adapt Scone to the needs of our users and policy makers/governments or inform your company.

We make proposals for products and services automatically. We then compare your personal CO2 profile with the ideal CO2 profile (a profile where the CO2 emissions are reduced as much as possible). If there are differences, we will propose concrete improvements. For example, if you indicate in the CO2 calculator that you still drive a car with an internal combustion engine, we can propose electric vehicles from commercial partners.

Partners are important at Scone. Not only to present you relevant products and services, but also during the analyses. For example, Scone works together with municipalities and cities that develop concrete policy measures based on the information we share with them. And of course there are also our technology partners who, for example, are responsible for security, storage, development and maintenance of our app and sending messages.

We do not share all your personal data with these partners. For example, governments should not know your name or email. And commercial partners only get name and email after you decide to buy their product or service, not before. Scone will show you their offer in the app, if you are not interested we will not forward this information to them.

In the challenges, your name will appear in the leaderboard if you are in the top 10 and your name will appear on the activity feed if you complete an action. If you do not want your name to appear, you can choose to use a pseudonym in the settings of the app.

To reach as many people as possible, Scone works with Google Ads. To measure the impact of these ads, we share some information with Google when someone registers with Scone. With this information, Google can show us how many people we reached with the ad and how many of them joined Scone. To protect your privacy, the information is anonymized. Do you still prefer that no information is shared with Google? You can deactivate this through your settings ‘Web & App Activity’ from the configuration screen ‘MyActivity’.

If you would like a copy of your personal data or would like more information about the processing of your personal data, please send a message to our privacy officer at Know that you can not only ask for a copy of your personal data, but also that we correct them and in some cases even delete them.

We will delete your identification data in any case when you cancel your account with Scone. We then keep data on CO2 emissions on an anonymous basis for further analysis.

If you have a complaint about how Scone handles your personal data, please send a message to our privacy officer at We will then try to find a solution together. If that does not work, you can also file a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority via this link.