Compensate your CO₂ Footprint of
8.3 tonnes/year
in part or in full as from €3,- p/m
    Je activeert deze -reductieprojecten
    CO₂-uitstoot die je nog niet kan of wil verminderen, kun je wel al compenseren. Voor onze planeet heeft dat hetzelfde effect. Je vermindert je CO₂-voetafdruk elders op de wereld door deze klimaatprojecten te steunen. Doe mee!
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    Planting trees or constructing a wind turbine is not an option for most people. A number of organisations can organise the CO₂ compensation for you. These organisations serve as intermediates: they do not plant trees or construct wind turbines themselves either, but activate specific projects that do.

    Scone enables you to reduce your personal CO₂ footprint. For emissions you are not yet able or willing to avoid, Scone offers a simple solution; we select projects in reforestation, green wind- or solar energy and stimulate sustainable cooking. Scone works together with Southpole as our intermediate. Southpole calculates a monthly carbon credit. The higher this price, the more CO₂ will be compensated, and vice versa.

    These projects are carefully selected and audited. Scone’s partners select these projects according to the highest possible quality labels such as Gold Standard and VCS. Gold Standard is supported by, amongst others, World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Scone focusses on diverse and qualitative projects.

    What is my level of CO₂ emissions? Scone calculates it for you and provides you with insights into your personal footprint. The Scone App calculates your CO₂ footprint based on your input and behaviour. Scone has developed a simplified version on the basis of a short questionnaire; this way you can determine your CO₂ footprint in less than 2 minutes. The result is one-off and less accurate than downloading the Scone App, but already provides great insight. We hope this insight activates you on your #PathToZero. The Scone App will support you to reduce your CO₂ footprint one step at a time!

    As with every market, the price of CO₂ also fluctuates. As these prices change over the year, the calculation of the cost to compensate for your CO₂ footprint will also vary. In order to keep it simple and transparent, we calculate your contribution based on the current market value and keep it fixed, so that your monthly contribution does not change. This means the exact amount of CO₂ your cover can fluctuate: it could be covering a bit more or less depending on the price variations.