Earth Hour Is Coming Up On Saturday, March 25!

By Ronald Hazelzet
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March 19, 2023
Earth Hour Is Coming Up On Saturday, March 25!

During Earth Hour from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, March 25, people turn off their electric lights for an hour to raise awareness about climate change and sustainability.

We know that climate action is needed. But you really feel it during an hour without lights or electronics, and afterwards it’s easier to come up with new actions that are good for our Earth, and often for your health and wallet as well.

On the Scone sustainability app, you can see what other people are doing during Earth Hour to celebrate their connection to the Earth. A veggie dinner by candlelight… a walk with friends, listening to the sounds of nature… Are you making a campfire? Share your photo with the Scone community!

On the Scone app, you’ll find challenges and tips specifically tailored for you (it’s a really smart app!) to make your home, lifestyle and mobility greener.

What is Earth Hour?

StargazingEarth Hour is an annual international campaign held on the last Saturday in March to raise awareness of climate change and the importance of sustainability.

Since 2008, tens of millions of people worldwide have participated in Earth Hour by turning off their lights and other electrical devices to save energy and pay attention to our planet and each other. Earth Hour is an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund.

Why participate in Earth Hour?


  • In some cities, like Christchurch in New Zealand, electricity consumption goes down by as much as 13% during Earth Hour. This shows that together we can do a lot!

  • By announcing your participation or sharing it afterwards on social media or in real life, you also make family, friends and colleagues more aware of climate change and climate action.

  • Together, as citizens, we are sending a signal to the government and businesses that we want to see more action from them. All our little bits help, but their big bits help even more.

Join us for Earth Hour!

So will you participate? Download the Scone app for iOS of Android and upload a photo of your candlelight game night, your nature walk with friends, your singing group, or whatever you come up with that turns off your electric lights and electronics for a while.

Also discover what else our app has to offer in tips, tricks and challenges to make your home, food and transportation even greener and healthier.

See you on the Scone app!


Earth Hour


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