Climate & Chill: These are our Favourite Documentaries about the Planet

By Marie Borremans
Published in Climate Change
January 24, 2022
Climate & Chill: These are our Favourite Documentaries about the Planet

From shocking to hopeful: these documentaries inspire you to choose a different way of life. Because taking action for the climate can simply start from the comfort of your armchair.

1. A Life on Our Planet

Documentary icon, David Attenborough, combines all his expertise, 95 years of life experience, and his incredible narrative voice to create a masterpiece. The film of his life is a beautiful declaration of love to our planet; at the same time, an urgent call to action to save it.

You can watch A Life on Our Planet on Netflix.

2. Seaspiracy

After the overwhelming success of Cowspiracy, which incited people worldwide to eat less meat, in Seaspiracy, the makers look for a solution for one of the most precious ecosystems on earth: the ocean. Filmmaker Ali Tabrizi sketches a raw image of fishing and life at sea. (As a side note, they did miss the opportunity to title the documentary conspiraSea. What do you think?)

You can find Seaspiracy and Cowspiracy on Netflix.

3. Grandfather’s Century

In 2100, a grandson and his grandfather look back on the 21st century. The central question is: ‘Grandpa, what happened? In this interactive film, you, the viewer, choose which answers grandpa will give, and you help determine the grandson’s future. Because what answers will you give your grandchildren?

You can watch Grandfather’s Century online for free.

4. I Am Greta

In this docu, you follow Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg from the first time she sits down in front of the parliament building with her protest sign to her speeches to all the world leaders. An inspiring and touching pick-me-up for those who wonder whether you, as an individual, can make a difference.

You can watch I Am Greta by Video on Demand.

5. Don’t Look Up

We know, we know, it’s not a documentary, but still: the movie Don’t Look Up is a disturbing allegory for the way many people respond to climate change. High quality movie or not, the movie succeeds in drawing the picture of our inclination to look the other way when disaster strikes. A disturbingly funny experience.

You can watch Don’t Look Up on Netflix


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5. Don't Look Up

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